The Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island

When Lilly faces real-life problems, she’s transported to Unicorn Island – an imaginary wonderland where life’s struggles manifest in fantastical ways. With the help of her imaginary friends, Lilly learns new mindfulness activities to help overcome her troubles and brings those skills back to the “Real World” to deal with real-life problems.

Introducing a new animated series coming soon from Headspace: The Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island!

In the series, young Lilly is dealing with all sorts of problems. On top of all the standard stuff -- school, friends, brothers (ugh) -- her parents are just getting separated, and she’s not sure where she belongs anymore… and not just because she now has two homes.

But when she begins her meditation practice for the first time, Lilly finds herself transported to the world of Unicorn Island. To her, it seems like a place where her wildest imaginings come to life, without rules, teachers, or parents.

On Unicorn Island, Lilly is transformed into Lilly-Corn (a unicorn) and meets new friends who each represent a different facet of mindfulness. It is not a problem-free place, but rather a place where she can work through her problems, fears, and anxieties in creative ways – as her Real World problems can be worked out and given perspective through her Unicorn Island stories.

We’ll follow Lilly-Corn and her friends as they live their bright and wild island lives and implement creative solutions for problems that arise that are inspired by real mindfulness techniques. These interactive solutions allow Lilly-Corn and her friends to work through their problems, using new skills and gain perspective as they go. And each episode, Lilly comes back from Unicorn Island better equipped with new tools of mindfulness to deal with her real-life problems (and our audience will gain new tools as well).
Run Time

10min X 10

Release Date

September 12, 2023


Kids, fantasy, comedy, educational


Kara Lee Burk

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