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Super Dinosaur Arrives On Canada’s Teletoon This Sept. 8

Nir Regev / September 7th Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur cartoon is arriving on Teletoon this Sept. 8, and spoke with voice actor Deven Mack and EP Kevin Burke.

Super Dinosaur’s cartoon adaption will debut on Canada’s Teletoon this Saturday, Sept. 8 with episode “My Best Friend is a Dinosaur” at 3 p.m. ET.

Teletoon recently posted the first trailer for the series over on YouTube. In the preview, fans hear a villain comment “Super Dino? Where’d he come from?! He’s so stealthy!” as the trailer ominously concludes. had an opportunity to discuss the experience of working on the series with co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Kevin Burke and Super Dinosaur voice actor Deven Mack. [Nir Regev]: What was it like bringing Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur from comic book to TV adaption?

Kevin Burke: Working on this show has been a blast for [Chris] Doc Wyatt and me. We loved the comic, and when we pitched to Skybound on how we imagined turning it into a TV series, it was really important to us to respect the characters and the core ideas of the book. The challenge was to find a way to expand all of that into a long-running, half-hour animated show without losing any of the comic’s charm.

Robert was completely onboard with our take, and was nothing but encouraging in the writer’s room, thrilled to see it all come to life. We’d brainstorm with him on variation directions the first season could go, and some of the most epic ideas (that aren’t even in the book) came directly from Robert. But I don’t want to spoil anything, you have to watch!

We can’t wait for the world to finally experience the thrilling and hilarious twists and turns of this show.

Deven Mack: Diving into the role and concept of Super Dinosaur clicked with the 90s kid in me instantly; almost like my childhood encapsulated within a single character. I personally would’ve given anything to be best friends with a crime-fighting, slam-dunking, robotically enhanced, giant reptile who plays Contra.

What resonates with me most now, however, is the sense of journey and mystery surrounding the unique world that Robert and Jason have created. I think newcomers and fans of the comic alike are in for a real treat.

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