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Netflix’s ‘Last Kids on Earth’ creator and exec producers talk about S3

Netflix has a new area of focus – animation! The global streaming giant has been extensively investing in creating original animated content in collaboration with noted animation studios and production companies.

One such collaboration that has been quite successful and churned out a hit property is Atomic Cartoons, creators of Last Kids on Earth. The animated series had its third season launch in mid-October and has received a great response.

The third season of Last Kids on Earth continues the journey of 13-year-old Jack Sullivan living in a mind-clobbering cool tree fort with his best friends during a zombie apocalypse. They discover they may not be the last kids on earth after all. This is great news for everyone …except Jack, who hopes to keep things the way they are and prove that everything is perfect – and crazy fun. One problem: it’s hard convincing his friends that everything is great when they’re being hunted by a monstrous Nightmare King and an ancient evil who won’t rest until Earth has been devoured.

Animation Xpress spoke to series creator and executive producer Max Brallier and Atomic Cartoons executive producer and CCO Matthew Berkowitz about the third season, audience response and more. Read on:

What was different and exciting that viewers enjoyed in the new season? Are the previous two seasons a must watch before the third season, or can new viewers jump right into the third season and follow along?

Brallier: I definitely think this new season is I won’t say “must watch” — it’s fun for all! And there’s so much in the latest season: we have a new and exciting and very monstrous villain with mysterious motivations and goals that really confound Jack in ways we haven’t seen before. For the viewers who’ve also read the books, I think they’ll be delightfully surprised to see some of the new things we have going on this season — moments from the books where we’ve really been able to blow things out, see things from a new perspective, or play with expectations.

How was the journey that the characters have been on so far led up to season three?

Brallier: Oh boy, they’ve all been through a lot! Jack has had to learn how to be a hero and lead while still being a good friend. June has wrestled with a huge range of emotions around joining this group of friends – and she’s just starting to really feel at home when the discovery of radio and other humans upsets all that. Dirk has begrudgingly – and surprisingly — found himself at home with these other kids. Quint has been this hugely valuable piece of the puzzle – but is now realizing he needs to stand up and take control of his own journey.
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