Jan 27, 2023Press Releases

Atomic Cartoons on launching Dogs In Space

Dogs have history with space travel. Our four-legged friends are among the first living beings to be launched into the cosmos. A new animated series, Dogs in Space, takes this idea to new heights, and imagines an advanced spacecraft manned bravely by an all-canine crew. Brought to you by the talented team of artists at Atomic Cartoons working across Storyboard Pro and Harmony, the show’s creation was a collaborative process with astronomical results.

Dogs in Space showcases unique alien character design, eye-catching colour palettes and truly cosmic backgrounds. We caught up with Darrell Yeo (Line Producer) and Carl Upsdell (Animation Director) to discuss Dogs in Space’s unique art style, and some of the techniques that went into the space-faring canine adventure. They discuss their use of Harmony’s 3D integration and comping tools, and how Storyboard Pro allowed them to collaborate remotely and overcome challenges on the project, with plenty of valuable tips for animation teams.

As well as discussing how they created the show’s interplanetary environments, the crew at Atomic Cartoons opens the hood on some of the incredible vehicle design we see in the show, like the otherworldly spacecraft that were created using both Maya and Harmony. They also provide advice for animators seeking opportunities at a leading industry studio. Check out Dogs in Space and read our full interview below…

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