Aug 17, 2016Press Releases

Alternative Nation: Daniel Johns: Behind The Scenes Of His New Sia, P!nk & Eddie Vedder Collaborations

Last year when I interviewed Daniel Johns of Silverchair he advised me that he was obsessed with John Lennon’s Double Fantasy prior to writing his first solo record, Talk. It turns out the Beatles would become a major part of his next two years as Johns would become the Musical Director and Lead Music Producer (with Daniel Denholm) for the incredible animated series, Beat Bugs; which incorporates Beatles songs woven into the narrative to tell uplifting and life-affirming stories filled with hope and melody.

Beat Bugs is the brainchild of Newcastle director/screenwriter Josh Wakely, who previously worked with Johns on the 2011 short film My Mind’s Own Melody. After three years of working out logistics to secure the Beatles music for Beat Bugs, Wakely got the green light on this brilliant project and knew just who to call. Johns ended up producing and/or overseeing the production on many of the Beatles songs which were re-recorded for Beat Bugs. He also contributed vocals and backing vocals to numerous songs, in addition to contributing various character vocals, and composing some of the show’s original music. He’s worked with artists such as Sia, Eddie Vedder, P!nk, James Bay, The Shins, Regina Spektor and James Corden – each recording their own rendition of an iconic Beatles classic. Among the songs featured include “Help!”, “All You Need Is Love,” “Come Together,” “Penny Lane,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and “Magical Mystery Tour.”

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